Patrick Galego's value is found in his superpower ability to identify and execute creative solutions to any project related to web, mobile and product design. As a recent graduate from Humber’s Web Design & Interactive Media program where he graduated with honors, Patrick’s focused intent was to develop a skill set that would help his future employer succeed. He was the sole designer of an interactive display for Humber’s Applied Research and Innovation department in his second year. He specializes in UX and UI and subsequently founded a app called Watermelon in which he was a finalist for in Humber’s 2018 Launch Me Competition to receive startup funding. His pursuit of knowledge continues as a regular volunteer at major conference events such as FITC, and is a participant of various meet-ups and industry events by leading agencies and associations in Toronto. Patrick’s goal is to find a position at a leading agency, start-up, or product company doing what he loves best: finding design solutions to problems.


Patrick Galego


  • Smart Home Device
  • IoT
  • Product
  • UI/UX

Cubby Garage is a voice assisted smart home device that allows home owners
to open their garages using their voice over push button controls.

The Chubby Garage is a voice assisted smart device garage door opener that replaces manuel push button openers by using a users voice to activate device to open and close thier garage door. The device itself would mounted to the exterior of the home in place of a button panel control. It is connected to the homes wifi and is set up through a mobile device programmed by the its owner.

The owner runs through a series of steps prompting him to record his voice similar to a Google Home or Alexa to set up the device through a smartphone app interface. Once the device is synced and programmed, it is ready to use. The owner has the ability to open and close the garage with simple pre-programmed or custom voice commands. Its owner also has the ability to open or close the garage through the app as well and will be alerted if the device detects through sensors that the door has been left open. A secondary device meant to pair and be placed in a users vehicle can be purchased separately for the user to open and close the garage using his voice from within their vehicle. When the inner ring and coloured circle is red, the garage is locked and secured. When green, the garage is unlocked.

Designing a great user experience for IoT products is easier said than done. IoT systems often consist of a couple of devices, interfaces with diverse functionality, and input-output streams. Designing a user experience for something so complex is an entirely other level of difficulty but I have built what I feel is the kind of experience that enables a smooth, enjoyable and consistent product and ui/ux for users jumping from one part of it to the next.