Patrick Galego's value is found in his superpower ability to identify and execute creative solutions to any project related to web, mobile and product design. As a recent graduate from Humber’s Web Design & Interactive Media program where he graduated with honors, Patrick’s focused intent was to develop a skill set that would help his future employer succeed. He was the sole designer of an interactive display for Humber’s Applied Research and Innovation department in his second year. He specializes in UX and UI and subsequently founded a app called Watermelon in which he was a finalist for in Humber’s 2018 Launch Me Competition to receive startup funding. His pursuit of knowledge continues as a regular volunteer at major conference events such as FITC, and is a participant of various meet-ups and industry events by leading agencies and associations in Toronto. Patrick’s goal is to find a position at a leading agency, start-up, or product company doing what he loves best: finding design solutions to problems.


Patrick Galego



  • Interactive Display
  • UX
  • UI

I was the sole designer of an interactive display for Humber Colleges Applied Research and
Innovation department. A media experience that brought to life the story of the department
in a interactive way for students and anyone visiting the department.

Applied Research welcomes students, faculty and partners into their new office with a new interactive display that captures the pulse of the department. It was my job to find a way to tell a story about the department that was engaging, inspirational and informative for visitors. Working closely with the department personnel, I distilled a digestible story about the department with an introduction that highlighted what the department did across Humber, how students and faculty can get involved, as well as provide general awareness to students around what’s currently happening.

Since the display was embedded into a wall, special attention was paid to the navigation so that it was reachable by most users at arms length and without strain. Accessibility was also essential part of the design so a wheelchair icon was placed in the fixed footer that made the screen drop half way down ensuring people in wheelchairs were able to use the display.

A splash screen with a logo animation followed by onboarding non-audio video screens played while the screen was inactive until a user tapped a button to get started. The onboarding was an important feature that provided users context of the display and familiarise them with the department. This process enabled the department to strategically communicate with their users, express their value, facilitate a positive user experience, and entice the user to tap the screen to learn more about the department.

A projects page was incorporated and meant to existing and past projects developed by the department that students worked on with industry partners. The user would tap the read ore button in which case directed them to single story page story. Date story was created as well as the time it took to read the story were displayed. When students finshed reading, they were given the option to read similar stories or return back to previous page.

As per the request of the client, a staff list was added to the display to provide anyone visiting the department the ability to send staff an email via the display. User would then receive an overplay message box that would grant them the ability to do so.

The display also features an events and contests page that lists any events or contests associated with the department, and a frequently asked questions page. The footer as mentioned is fixed and available at all times for users to subscribe to the departments newsletters as well as view social media accounts. The display was developed from scratch using a CMS and run in a broswer through Humber servers. The advantage was the ability for staff to easily update and manage the displays content. Humber’s web guidelines and branding were followed to align with Humber’s new brand standards.