Patrick Galego's value is found in his superpower ability to identify and execute creative solutions to any project related to web, mobile and product design. As a recent graduate from Humber’s Web Design & Interactive Media program where he graduated with honors, Patrick’s focused intent was to develop a skill set that would help his future employer succeed. He was the sole designer of an interactive display for Humber’s Applied Research and Innovation department in his second year. He specializes in UX and UI and subsequently founded a app called Watermelon in which he was a finalist for in Humber’s 2018 Launch Me Competition to receive startup funding. His pursuit of knowledge continues as a regular volunteer at major conference events such as FITC, and is a participant of various meet-ups and industry events by leading agencies and associations in Toronto. Patrick’s goal is to find a position at a leading agency, start-up, or product company doing what he loves best: finding design solutions to problems.


Patrick Galego


  • IoT
  • IOS App
  • UI/UX

IoT device/app that monitors the consumption of electricity in a household and is able
to determine consumption at individual breakers and at each individual outlet,
giving the user the ability to track very specific energy usage.

The intelligent app provides the user with energy and cost saving suggestions and consumption/usage statistics without the app looking data heavy. One of the requirements of the app was to tell the user when they are using excess energy and through the tap of a button, they should be able to adjust the power flow. Through the use of the app, users are be able to adjust power to various outlets/breakers. Another requirement was to digitize the circuit breaker and make the experience more accessible and approachable. The circuit panel still exists in the house; but the app is able to interface and trigger the breakers. An iOS app was developed over a web app due for its ability to easily control usage both at home and when a user may not be home.

The UI gives the user the ability to track usage daily and make adjustments where necessary. The intelligent app provides the user with energy and cost saving suggestions right from the home screen through charts that pinpoint exact areas of the home that need attention to conserve energy. The designed was focused around ux and personalising the experience for the user. Cards were used to present information into broken down easy to digest pieces of information with control components that the user is able to interact within the cards. A vibrant colour palette was used to capture user attention and help break down sections of the app to colour codes areas of the home for users to easily identify and learn over a short time.