Patrick Galego's value is found in his superpower ability to identify and execute creative solutions to any project related to web, mobile and product design. As a recent graduate from Humber’s Web Design & Interactive Media program where he graduated with honors, Patrick’s focused intent was to develop a skill set that would help his future employer succeed. He was the sole designer of an interactive display for Humber’s Applied Research and Innovation department in his second year. He specializes in UX and UI and subsequently founded a app called Watermelon in which he was a finalist for in Humber’s 2018 Launch Me Competition to receive startup funding. His pursuit of knowledge continues as a regular volunteer at major conference events such as FITC, and is a participant of various meet-ups and industry events by leading agencies and associations in Toronto. Patrick’s goal is to find a position at a leading agency, start-up, or product company doing what he loves best: finding design solutions to problems.


Patrick Galego


  • IOS App
  • Product Development
  • UI/UX

Watermelon is an app that I intend to launch at Humber in which I am a finalist
to receive seed funding for in Humbers 2018 Launch Me Competition.

Watermelon is an app that will revolutionize the way students connect and dramatically change how students interact at post-secondary insitutions. An entirely new college experience with endless possibilities for students to connect themselves to their community in ways never available or imagined before.

The project was focused on end-to-end product development, and not just the design phase. The product design process started by first identifying a market opportunity, clearly defining the problem, and then developing a proper solution for that problem and validating the solution through real users and research.

Using the design thinking methodology, I began by first defining what problem I was trying to solve, who has this problem, and what I wanted to achieve with my product. Answering these questions helped me understand the product experience as a whole including business objectives. When designing the product I first conducted research of 34 Humber students to develop a deeper understanding of the user as well as market research of competitive products. I then broke down the app into small pieces and brainstormed possible design solutions to my problem. Fast-forward to my final mocks, I prototyped and tested with users for feedback, validation, and overall satisfaction.